SS2300 Aircraft Skis


  • Designed for heavier aircraft with 2300 lb.+ gross weight.
  • 100% Carbon Fiber monocoque construction.
  • Large bottom "Skins" increase the skis bottom surface area to 22"x81" for greater floatation in deeper snow conditions and increased bottom surface durability.
  • 2 sided design with full walk-on flat top.
  • Designed to be used with 8.50x6 tires.
  • Single 4" tail wheel.
  • Ski size, 18" x 79", (22"x81" with bottoms skins".
  • Weight of each ski is about 27 pounds with rigging.
  • Non-skid walk for top of ski.
  • Standard White color finish.


  • Optional color choices are currently Red, Yellow, Metallic Silver and Carbon Weave. Or, we will make them most any color you choose.


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