Aircraft Skis


  • Easily installed or removed in less than 5 minutes.
  • Our innovative ski design weighs about half that of other composite aircraft skis.
  • Light weight/low profile design has no measurable airspeed penalty.
  • Our Patented Bolt-On ski bracket requires NO welding for installation.

Ski Models

SS2300 Ski - Designed for heavier aircraft with 2300 lb. gross. This ski is the perfect choice for the Carbon Cub and Super Cub applications.
Ski Specifications

LSA Ski - Designed to meet the light weight requirements of the LSA market yet large enough to provide high floatation in deep snow conditions.
Ski Specifications

Our skis are the perfect choice for Light Sport Aircraft due to our high strength to weight ratio. The low gross weight restrictions for Light Sport Aircraft do not allow for heavy accessories.

Aircraft Ski Gallery



Our LSA ski tested to over 6000 pounds

Our Patented Bolt-On ski mounting bracket eliminates the need for welding and aligns perfectly with the aircraft's landing gear. Our innovative ski design is a light weight 100% Carbon Fiber structure using the "Monocoque" construction technique. The Monocoque structure supports the structural load by using the skis exterior structure, as opposed to using an internal frame that is then covered with a non-load-bearing outer skin. By constructing a stronger exterior structure; the heavy internal frames and braces are eliminated. Whether it's an aircraft ski or a high performance aircraft, this construction technique combined with using Aerospace/Aircraft composite materials results in an incredibly strong, light weight product.

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